Monday 6/4/18


Other Example

Look in YOUR FOLDERS (Inventory - Check SCORES)

Measurement Customary (Conversation)

Checklist Probability Data Statistics

Probability Vocabulary Word Wall Cards

Wall Card 2





Tuesday 6/5/18

Investigating Probability Wall Card 2

Gathering Data for a Survey

Reading a Table

Using a Price List

Using Tables to Make Comparisons

Interpreting Information in Tables




Wendsday 6/6/18

Finding Mean, Median, and Mode


Level M Pg 96-108 w/ Ans


Level D Pg 151-164 w/ Ans





















Thursday 6/7/18

Reading a circle Graph

Finding the Numbers Represented in a Circle Graph

Reading a Bar Graph

Stacked Bar


Understanding Data in Line Graphs


Reading a Line Graph



Probability Data Statistics -TABE Academy

Probability Data Statistics - ITTS












Friday 6/8/18


Quiz M

Quiz D

TABE Academy + ITTS









Extended Learing (Outside of Class)


Probability and Statistics I

Probability and Statistics II


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